“America is an idea—one that has endured and evolved through war and depression, prevailed over fascism and communism, and radiated hope to far distant corners of the earth. Americans believe that diversity is our greatest strength. That protest is among the highest forms of patriotism. That our fates and fortunes are bound to rise and fall together. That even when we fall short of our highest ideals, we never stop trying to build a more perfect union.”

2020 Democratic Party Platform

     The Democratic Party of Pennsylvania follows the platform of the Democratic National Committee, which is composed of thirteen (13) main issues.

     The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the Committee is responsible for directing and promoting the guiding principles and core values of the institution.

     The state Democratic Party has recently made economic factors a major component of its platform, with advocacy for middle class workers of particular importance. The PaDems has committed itself to maintaining the social safety net or state provided health, education and welfare services, and encouraging more transparency in state government.