The Franklin County Democratic Committee (FCDC) is a group of elected, like minded people from various parts of the county living and promoting Democratic values. The group is comprised of diverse, everyday people who work in a range of industries from health care, tech, agriculture, and the service industry. With their shared working and life experiences they represent the people of Franklin County and electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

“This is our vision for America — a vision where we live within our means while still investing in our future; where everyone makes sacrifices but no one bears all the burden; where we provide a basic measure of security for our citizens and we provide rising opportunity for our children.” President Barack Obama

The Franklin County Democratic Committee is the official arm of the Democratic Party in Franklin County, PA.

We organize around Democratic causes and candidates, support the Democratic ticket top to bottom, register people to vote, assist with voters’ concerns and questions, and advocate for a brighter, progressive future for all of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and the United States of America.

To get involved or ask a question, contact the committee at