Franklin County Row Offices (4 year term)

Clerk of Courts
Incumbent: Todd Rock (2015 – )
Duties: Files pleas, collect bail, reports dispositions, compiles dockets and verdicts.

Incumbent: Harold Wissinger (2015 – )
Duties: Supervises financial affairs of the county.

Incumbent: Jeff Connor (1999 – )
Duties: Investigates sudden and unexpected deaths in the county as well as other deaths required by law.

District Attorney
Incumbent: Matt Fogal (2011 – )
Duties: Chief prosecutor for the county.

Incumbent: Tim Sponseller (2015 – )
Duties: Chief clerk for the Court of Common Pleas. Records all civil procedures before the clerk.

Register & Recorder
Duties: Records and processes all legal paperwork for the county including deeds, mortgages, wills, etc.

Incumbent: Dane Anthony (2007 – 2015, 2019 – )
Duties: Chief law enforcement official in Franklin County.

Chambersburg Races

Chambersburg Borough Council (4 year term)
     Ward 1 – Incumbent Alice Elia (D)
     Ward 2 – Incumbent John Huber (R)
     Ward 3 – Incumbent Kathy Leedy (D)
     Ward 4 – Incumbent Sharon Bigler (D)
     Ward 5 – Incumbent Bill Everly (R)

Chambersburg Area School District Board of Directors (4 year term)
     Region 2 (Greene 1 & 4, Guilford 3) – Incumbent Mark Schur (R)
     Region 5 (Chambersburg 1-1, Greene 2 & 5) – Incumbent Bill Lennartz (R)
     Region 7 (Chambersburg 2-2, 5-2) – Incumbent Joan Smith (R)
     Region 8 (Chambersburg 1-2, Chambersburg 4th Ward) – Incumbent Carl McKee (R)
     Region 9 (Chambersburg 2-1 & 3rd Ward) – Incumbent Ben Raber (I)

Waynesboro Races

Waynesboro Area School District Board of Directors
     North End Region (Quincy TWP, Mont Alto, Guilford 5) – Incumbents: Rachel Fortney (I) & Patricia Strite (R)
     Washington Township – Incumbents: Karen Herald (R) & Linda Zimmerman (R)
     Waynesboro – Incumbent: Cynthia Sullivan (R)
Waynesboro Borough Council
     Ward 1 – Incumbent Michael Cermak (R)
     Ward 2 – Incumbent Jon Fleagle (R)
     Ward 3 – Incumbent Patrick Fleagle (R)

Greencastle Races

Greencastle-Antrim School District Board of Directors (All At-Large)
     Incumbents: Tracy Baer (R), Shannon Blanchard (R), Carter Davidson (R), Shannon Yates (R), & Chris Bonillas (R)
Greencastle Borough Council
     Incumbents: Jeremy Layman (D), Joel Amsley (R), & H. Duane Kinzer (R)

Please contact us by February 15, 2023, if you are a democrat interested in running for one of the above positions.