“In 2016, Democrats meet in Philadelphia with the same basic belief that animated the Continental Congress when they gathered here 240 years ago: Out of many, we are one.

     Despite what some say, America is and has always been great — but not because it has been perfect. What makes America great is our unerring belief that we can make it better. We can and we will build a more just economy, a more equal society, and a more perfect union — because we are stronger together.”

2016 Democratic Party Platform

     The Democratic Party of Pennsylvania follows the platform of the Democratic National Committee, which is composed of thirteen (13) main issues. All positions are taken from the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform, which will be reviewed in 2020.

     The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the Committee is responsible for directing and promoting the guiding principles and core values of the institution.

     The state Democratic Party has recently made economic factors a major component of its platform, with advocacy for middle class workers of particular importance. The PaDems has committed itself to maintaining the social safety net or state provided health, education and welfare services, and encouraging more transparency in state government.