Every election is an important time for choosing. Our democracy requires and demands a well educated citizenry who know who they are voting for and why they are voting for them. With attacks on our democratic process and right to vote growing day by day, it is imperative that Democrats stay involved, informed, and educated on the people who are running for elected office.

Below are the 2023 Democratic candidates for county row office. These offices are critically important and impact your day-to-day life in Franklin County. Let’s elect our candidates!

Candidates for school board, borough council and township supervisor will appear as they come forward.

And remember, vote on May 16th, 2023.

County Commissioner

Bob Ziobrowski

As commissioner, I have supported the social safety net for those less fortunate. I have supported quality of life enhancements while encouraging economic growth. I work to ensure that future generations will have the opportunities to grow, work, and play that I have enjoyed in Franklin County. I am asking the voters of Franklin County to give me the opportunity to continue this important work by re-electing me to the office of county commissioner.

Cameron Schroy

Cameron is a social studies teacher in Waynesboro, as well as a life-long resident of Franklin County. He’s served on the Franklin County Democratic Committee since 2014 and was elected chair in 2022 — the youngest in Pennsylvania.  His wife Allex and himself are property owners in Greencastle and have been married for four years. Born in Chambersburg in 1996, Cameron is a graduate of Greencastle-Antrim Senior High School and Shippensburg University.

As a career educator, Cameron knows communication and cooperation are key to tackling complex issues and finding solutions.  Cameron believes we need to bring as many voices to the table in our county government and make sure that no one feels shut out or shut down.

As Commissioner Ziobrowski’s running mate, Cameron will strive to achieve the proven, thoughtful leadership that has been set before him.  A leadership that takes great care to do what is right for our county.  As a life-long resident of Franklin County, Cameron wants to help our communities thrive for years to come.

Cameron’s priorities as commissioner are to expand public transit, curb over development along I-81, preserve our historical sites and farmland, bring more affordable child care options to Franklin County, combat addiction and substance abuse through evidence-based policies, and to support and  sustain the high quality of life we’ve achieved here. 

For more information about the candidate, please contact him directly at CameronSchroy@gmail.com or 717 – 417 – 8841. 



Linda Raimo

Linda L. Raimo has officially announced her candidacy for the position of  Prothonotary of Franklin County, PA. Raimo will bring a diverse background in both corporate  America and the local service to the position of Prothonotary. 

Growing up in New York, Linda learned the importance of hard work and dedication at a young age, working in her parents’ restaurant alongside her six siblings. After graduating from Berkley Business School, she had a successful career working directly with executives at large companies like Unilever North America as Assistant to the General Council, the President of Cadbury Schweppes, and at The Blackstone Group equity firm as Assistant to the Vice Chair. She was a Notary Public in the State of New York for many years. 

Ms. Raimo retired from the corporate world and moved to Chambersburg in 2003, where she  worked for Wilson College for 14 years. She bought a large home and operated Lillie’s Garden  Bed and Breakfast in Chambersburg for 16 years. Her background as a small business owner  has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the critical role the Prothonotary’s office plays in  the daily lives of citizens. 

“The Prothonotary’s office is a critical junction of many forms, applications, and notices that  pass between the county government and citizens,” says Raimo. “Franklin County citizens need  a Prothonotary that takes seriously the need for attention to detail, accurate records and files both public and confidential for documents to be delivered in a timely manner.” 

Raimo is committed to using her corporate experience of proven responsibility for the  executing of job duties and working relationships with peers and superiors. Her passion for  public service will bring efficiency and effectiveness to the Prothonotary’s office. 

Register & Recorder

John J. Patterson

John is a graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School and Penn State University. In recent years, he has worked in human services and consulting in relation to community engagement. Since 2011, John has volunteered as a GED tutor, Leadership Academy Instructor, and a Community Advocate with Franklin Together, Franklin County’s Reentry Coalition.

“I’m running for Register and Recorder to serve the citizens of Franklin County. I believe I can improve current office procedures by contacting homeowners whenever their mortgages have been reassigned. Consumers should know if their financial institution is following regular procedures if and when their loan is sold, or if the institutions involved are cutting corners and not reassigning the mortgage as required to maintain the lien.”



Patrick Creighton

I am thrilled to announce that I am running for Franklin County Coroner. As a resident of Waynesboro, I know how important the role of coroner is to the well-being of our community. I also have a strong background in the medical field evaluating the safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. That experience has given me adeep understanding of the importance of compliance with regulations and guidelines, but also the need to approach each case with compassion and empathy.

As coroner, I am committed to working with law enforcement and healthcare professionals to ensure that information is collected and reported in a timely manner. I believe that the coroner has an important role to play in ensuring that all deaths are accurately reported, and that the data is used to guide evidence-based policies to prevent these tragedies from occurring.

I also understand that the position is more than just a technical job and requires a deep commitment to serving the community. As coroner, I will ensure that the families of the deceased are treated with the utmost respect and care during their time of grief. I believe that every life is valuable, and I will work tirelessly to uphold that belief in my role as coroner.

Running as a Democrat, my campaign will focus on bringing positive change to Franklin County by prioritizing the needs of the community and providing compassionate, responsible leadership. I believe that my experience in the medical field and commitment to community service make me the ideal candidate for the role.

I am deeply committed to serving our community, and I believe that the role of coroner is more than just determining the cause of death. It’s about providing valuable information to our community so that we can work together to make Franklin County a safer and healthier place for everyone.