Letter to the Editor:

Democracy at the grassroots level is no more evident than when we participate in local elections, elections for borough council and school board, for township supervisors, row offices, and judges. On Tuesday, November 5th, we will have the opportunity to do just that as we choose those who will serve us locally in Franklin County. To add to this election’s importance voters will be selecting three county commissioners in a highly competitive race for the three positions. The commission needs to be composed of individuals who represent all of us in this county.

Fellow Democrats, our unity of spirit and support must be reflected in our presence at the polls this Election Day. Our collective voice must be evident in the thousands of votes we cast for Democratic candidates. What we deserve and what we become in Franklin County demands that each and every one of us wears that “I Voted” sticker, so see you at the polls on November 5th!

Gloria J Guba, Ed.D.

Franklin County Democratic Committee Chairperson

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